Hallmark Rehab and Nursing Center

Built in 1971, Hallmark rehab and nursing center was a two-story former assisted living building with 84 rooms on 6.2 acres of land. In 1984, a judge ordered the home to pay its employees $360,000 in back wages. In 1997 the state Department of Mental Health threatened to terminate its Medicare provider agreement after a report detailed the abuse of four female residents by a male resident. In 1999, a virus killed six pediatric patients. The home was renovated in 2005 and featured 160 beds, 100+ restrooms, a full commercial kitchen and two kitchenettes. The home then owed the city more than $700,000 in taxes and was on the verge of bankruptcy when the local Health Care Associates bought it in 2006 for $3mil. The home eventually closed its doors in 2011 due to large fees owed to the state and the inability to attract enough residents to remain profitable. At the time of its closing there was 106 residents, 11 in pediatric care and the rest being geriatric clients, as well as 178 employees. In 2019, after the closure, the local police reported that thieves had broken in to strip copper pipes from the building. The old assisted living home was recently purchased for $2mil. The future use of the property is still unknown.

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